Polk Audio PSW10

Polk Audio PSW10 10-Inch Monitor Series Powered Subwoofer (Single, Black).


Polk Audio PSW10

  • You would be amazed to know how cheap this is.

             But would its being priced as cheap affect its sound quality in any way

            Would it turn out to be a disappointment?

            Find out the answer to that question below. 

Excellent Bass Duty… And More!

The Polk Audio PSW10 will amaze you and lead you to think it would  priced more than it actually is.

You would be surprised how it smoothly fills the bottom end of your home theater system. Why let your main speakers do all the work?

You are going to be completely happy and satisfied to let the PSW10 perform all the bass duty & concentrate on the mids & the highs. No doubt that this subwoofer will make a great addition to any system that still does not have a subwoofer in the equation. It is definitely going to bring your movie watching experience to a whole new level.

It features a floor coupled downward firing port, which brings maximum bass impact whilst still keeping itself low profile. Would make an excellent choice for any home.

Features And Specifications

Here are the features that the Polk Audio PSW10 has to offer:

This is a single 10” subwoofer that has a high-current amplifier which is built right in for big bass sounds
It makes use of Laser-based Klippel measurement technology so you get linearity improvement as well as sounds that are precisely deep.

It comes fully equipped with a 10” polymer-composite dynamic-balance cone driver

It has a non-resonant all-MDF enclosure construction that has a 0.75”-thick baffles and internal bracing

Weighs 30 lbs.

Measures 20” by 18” by 18”

Customer Reviews

Check out what these people think of the Polk Audio PSW10:

“The Polk Audio PSW10 was only my second choice but I could not be any happier. It’s very easy to tweak the settings for your room. It does do a very good job of reproducing low end at low to moderate volume. If you are looking to add nice low-end sound to a system or home theater, this is a good choice.” – Carl

“I purchased the Polk Audio PSW10 for classical listening. It provides excellent bass clarity and warmth for classical music. The treble and midrange sounds better against the foundation that the sub provides. This speaker combination is just right for a modestly sized living room with hardwood floors. I am very pleased with the results. It is hard for me to imagine a better solution for the price that this product comes with.” – Mitchell

We Recommend the Polk Audio PSW10 for a great addition to your home theater system.

Where To Buy The Polk Audio PSW10

You may buy the Polk Audio PSW10 on selected electronic stores nationwide. For a quick and hassle free purchase, you may also look it up online.

To get great deals and offers, please feel free to visit Amazon.com.

Act fast! If you want to purchase the Polk Audio PSW10, please click here: Polk Audio PSW10

Why Get A Subwoofer?

Why Get A Subwoofer?

There has been a lot of argument over whether a home theater system or your basic sound system really needs subwoofer to add oomph and body to the sound. While some people think that what they have is more than enough, most of the audiophiles, movie geeks, gamers, and music fans all over the country agree that it definitely makes the sound so much bigger and lifelike compared to a set up without subwoofers. So what really is the score when it comes to these babies? Should you get them or not? Is it worth it to get them? And should you decide to get them, how would you be able to find the best subwoofer speakers in the market?

Subwoofers can also be called low frequency speakers. And these sound machines, despite the size, can really pack a mean punch when it comes to improving your music source’s impact on a more dramatic level. Bass frequencies often become awfully exhausting for any amplifier, and is very powerful which is why it eats up a lot of that power that is supposed to be available to the other speakers that are supposed to be the ones responsible for distributing the sound throughout the entire spectrum.

This is the reason why the idea of subwoofers came into play. Because of these little ones, bass frequencies are placed separately to another speaker, giving it the proper attention that it needs. The result? Pure, unadulterated power that can totally bring the house down and would have you rocking out like never before. Subwoofers are powered by its own amplifier so you are assured that you get a cleaner, better sound all the way to the high frequencies as you never would have to worry about not getting too much power in this aspect.

So how do you know which one to get? That depends on how powerful you want it to be, how big its performance is. You would also need to consider the size of the room you will be placing it in. And we don’t really want to be the buzzkill here, but if your neighbors are living too close to your house, also get a pair of headphones for those nights when you just can’t help yourself.

We guarantee you that once you find the best subwoofer that would blend well with your home theater or sound system, that it will all be worth it. So you better start believing in the power that it can do.

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